Notes From The Maranon, Loreto, Peru - Ricardo Segovia

We didn’t expect to be travelling this far up the Marañon River. The original plan was to enter the Pacaya Samiria reserve for an evaluation of oil spills on a very limited budget. The budget had to be stretched even further when at least two-thousand barrels of oil burst from the Ducto Norperuano in June of 2014 and the president of the indigenous Cocama federation asked us to make an emergency visit to the site.   

Listen to podcast of interview with E-tech Director Dick Kamp

Join Dick Kamp, Director of E-Tech International and Mary Charlotte Domandi of KSFR-FM Santa Fe  in a lively discussion of E-Tech's groundbreaking work in bringing scientific environmental analysis and training to struggling indigenous communities in South America facing large-scale mining, oil-development and pollution.  

David Hill of the Guardian interviews E-Tech Chief Engineer Bill Powers 

Read the Guardian interview by David Hill of E-Tech Chief Engineer Bill Powers, at a June oil industry conference, concerning oil company road building in the supposedly roadless and protected Yasuni-ITT region of Ecuador.   There are very intense efforts to halt all oil exploitation in the region but the Ecuadoran government has at a minimum promised no roads although it appears corporate plans differ.......please pass this on.  It follows the release of Matt Finer remote sensing photos in recent weeks.

The Gate: Can Indigenous Communities Exercise Free Prior and Informed Consent without Science?

Peter Kostishack is program director for Global Greengrants Fund and a board member for E-Tech and International Funders for Indigenous People (IFIP). On February 25, 2014, Peter opened a funders' briefing in San Francisco co-sponsored by Swift and MacArthur Foundations, IFIP, and Global Greengrants Fund on the use of science in supporting indigenous prior and informed consent with an unusual metaphor.

News From Loreto, Peru

News From Loreto, Peru

We have posted photos from an E-Tech visit to Pluspetrol/Occidental sites along the Maranon River in Block 8 of Loreto, Peru, in September 2013, that was supported by multiple foundations. We have also included links to a report written by E-Tech hydrogeologist Ricardo Segovia about the results of soil monitoring in the area.

"The Real Avatar"

"The Real Avatar"

On March 30, 2012, at the Universidad Catolica in Lima, Peru, E-Tech and the Universidad Catolica Centro Cultural presented a Spanish-language translation of "The Real Avatar."