E-Tech staff Diana Papoulias and Ricardo Segovia, working with Evelyn Blondeel have created a summary of  how E-Tech has worked both training and learning from indigenous monitors in the four watersheds of the Peruvian Amazon basin where communities are monitoring 45 years of oil pollution: the Maranon, Pastaza, Tigre and Corrientes rivers.   In addition to this methodology a summary of findings through earlier in 2018 is included.   We hope it is of use to all--including the communities where the permanent monitoring stations are located.  In English and Spanish.


Summary of Data Collection and Evaluation at Long-Term  Monitoring Sites in the four cuencas (2016 – mid 2018)

Resumen de la Recopilación y Evaluación de datos en Sitios de Monitoreo a Largo Plazo

 APÉNDICE - Imágenes de Google Earth sitios de monitoreo