Propósito de E-Tech International

E-Tech International es una organización no gubernamental sin fines de lucro con sede en Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico, Estados Unidos. E-Tech se formó en 2003 para brindar consejo técnico a la sociedad civil y gobiernos locales en países en vías de desarrollo donde se están llevando a cabo megaproyectos. El objetivo de E-Tech es proveerles a la sociedad civil y los gobiernos locales de un mayor y mejor acceso a información técnica, que algunas veces es de difícil acceso o inteligible, y de esta manera mejorar el proceso de la toma de decisiones y reducir las magnitudes de los impactos sociales y ambientales que podrían suceder.

E-Tech es un bufete de profesionales experimentados en los campos de: controles ambientales para campos petroleros, control de la contaminación del agua, remediación de suelos, y estudios de impactos sociales y ambientales. E-Tech ha llevado a cabo proyectos en Perú, Ecuador, Nigeria, y México.

Purpose of E-Tech International

When communities in less-industrialized nations are face-to-face with new or existing development projects, it is rare that they have either the technical tools or the information to effectively address potential impacts on human health and the environment. Frequently governmental agencies are unable or unwilling to provide the needed expertise to address their concerns. E-Tech’s mission is to respond to this need by providing these communities with critical technical expertise and capacity building, working with non-governmental organization (NGO) partners. Incorporated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2003, E-Tech has worked with international partners in Holland, Mexico, the United States, Central America, and South America to conduct the necessary technical studies, to strengthen the work of other NGOs that are already working on the issues, and to raise funds to increase local capacity.

E-Tech grew out of a working group of scientists, engineers, attorneys, and academics that has long been aware that credible technical information is badly need by those in less-industrialized nations – and that such knowledge and expertise must be applied separately from political campaigns. Over the past two years, our work has evolved to cover a wide array of constructive intervention, ranging from conducting high level technical studies, to obtaining critical information, to creating approaches for monitoring programs that will provide information to force improvements in large-scale development projects. Although we are not directly involved in political campaigns, we have learned that the nature of our work makes it impossible to separate ourselves completely from explosive policy issues.

E-Tech is currently exploring the most effective means to work jointly with its international partners and is developing strategies for integrating technical assistance and effective policy. E-Tech strives to have a long-term positive impact by building community-level technical capacity and conducting needed monitoring and interpretation – as requested by local communities themselves. Rather than applying expertise to an issue briefly, we seek to be a resource for as long as the situation warrants it – by developing regional and local expertise and reliable analytical laboratories.

In addition to training and capacity building, E-Tech will act as a broker to provide consultants when technical studies are deemed necessary. Whenever possible, consultants will be utilized from the region of concern, and we are developing regional advisory networks to tap into such resources. E-Tech is compiling its own set of experts, and through discussions with other organizations such as the Dutch Environmental Commission and the International Commission for Impact Assessment, also in Holland, we have access to hundreds of experts who currently work globally. E-Tech can provide expertise and training on a number of issues, including the environmental and health effects of dams, mines, agrochemicals, industrial complexes, petrochemical and energy-related development and wastes, and hazardous and municipal wastes. There are no geographic limits to where E-Tech will work, and the continued development of relationships with groups beyond North America will expand our reach.